Residential Land Request

Residential Land Request Form

Use the Residential Land Request Form to request a homesite

Practice of Protocol - For Tribal Residential Land
  1. Make request by form, letter, phone call or email.
  2. Request is added to a monthly spreadsheet that is attached to an Agenda Item Request (AIR) form for the next Council meeting.
  3. Upon approval/direction of the Council, the members name is added to the waiting list.
  4. The member is then sent a letter informing them of the results from the Council meeting for their record.
  5. Members will be sent an annually notice/letter asking the members if they are still interested in remaining on the waiting list. In the notice/letter the member will be given 30-days to respond or their name will be taken off the waiting list and will need to begin the request process again.
  6. Once a homesite becomes available, the members whose name appears at the top of the waiting list will be notified of the availability of residential land. An intake packet will be sent along with this notification. They will be given 30-days to respond.
  7. Once the members’ information is received, an AIR may be submitted for Council’s approval (by resolution) for the lease. A draft resolution will be attached to the AIR.
  8. Once approved, the member will be notified of the AIR decision.
  9. Once resolution is finalized, a copy of the resolution will be provided to the member for their records.
  10. A lease will be processed, once the member’s signature and lease payment for the first year, including filing fee has been received at the Tribal Real Estate Office, the President’s signature along with the needed witnesses will then be acquired. After final review of the lease packet, the lease packet will be forward to Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Central California Agency Real Estate Services for processing. Once the Secretary of the Interior signature of approval has been acquired, the lease will then be processed through the BIA’s database and recorded with Land Titles and Record.
  11. Once the finalized (official) lease is returned, a copy will be provided to the tribal member.
  12. If at any time, after approval of a homesite, a member chooses to exchange the location of the homesite, they will need to reapply and begin the request process again.