Round Valley Indian Tribes

A Sovereign Nation of Confederated Tribes
Tribal Territory Since Time Began

Program Name Contact Person Title Phone Number E-Mail Address
AIWDVAP Ms. Barbara Smith Director 1-707-983-9333
Adult Vocational Training Vacant 1-707-983-8315
Child Care Ms. Joleen Whipple Coordinator 1-707-983-8339
Environmental Protection Agency Ms. Virginia Bettega Manager 1-707-983-6960
Head Start Mrs. Monica Sayad ECEP Director 1-707-983-6919
ICWA Ms. Alfreda Gallegos Advocate 1-707-983-8008
NRD Mr. Fredrick Burrows Manager 1-707-983-8341
Realty Department Ms. Mona Oandasan Manager 1-707-983-8077
THPO Vacant Manager 1-707-983-6126
Senior Center Mr. Martin Holzhauser Director 1-707-983-6556
Tribal Broadband ISP Vacant   1-707-983-6126  
Tribal Courts Ms. Leona Colegrove Chief Judge 1-707-983-6126
Tribal Police Department Mr. Vincent Cordova - 1-707-983-8227
Transportation/Roads Department Mrs. Cheryl Bettega Manager 1-707-983-8111
Water Association (Utility Dept.) Mr. Justin Britton Manager 1-707-983-6960
Tribal TANF Ms. Cindy Hoaglen Director 1-707-983-6100
RVIHC, Inc. Mr. James Russ Executive Director 1-707-983-6181
RVIHA Mrs. Karen Gonzales Executive Director 1-707-983-6188

For Administration Staff please visit the Government/Executive-Tribal Administration page.
Last modified: December 19 2014.