Mission Statement

Balance the existing and future use of tribal land resources to best serve the tribal community for the purpose of enriching our way of life and creating opportunities for enhancement programs that provide long-term productivity while protecting the natural beauty of our reservation.

Department Location & Hours

The program is located at 77826 Covelo Road, Covelo, California on the Round Valley Indian Reservation. Office Hours are Monday through Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm; excluding Holidays and Tribal Administrative Leave.

Department Staff & Contact Information

Phone: (707) 983-8077
Fax: (707) 983-6128
Email: realty@rvit.org

Tribal Realty Department Staff
Ms. Mona OandasanManagerrealty@rvit.org

Cobell Buy-Back Program

The Buy-Back Program is a collaborative effort involving the Interior, Tribes and individuals. It seeks to reduce the number of fractional interests in tracts of Indian trust or restricted lands. Ownership interests in fractionated tracts will be purchased from individuals that would like to voluntarily sell for fair market value (defined as: any tract with more than one landowner).

Lands bought by the Buy-Back Program will stay in trust or restricted status and be transferred to the tribe that has jurisdiction over the land, without any liens attached. This effort is viewed as strengthening tribal sovereignty by unifying tribal lands for the tribal benefit and use, such as economic development, housing, and cultural preservation.

Below is a link for frequently asked questions (FAQs), provided by the U. S. Department of the Interior:

Cobell Buy-back program DOI FAQs

The link below can navigate you to the page with information for landowners:

Buy-back program Information page - Department of the Interior

The link below has information for Landowners and Tribal Leaders:

Tribal Leaders/Landowners

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