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Enterprises of the
Round Valley Indian Tribes

Golden Oaks Motel

The Golden Oaks Motel is situated in the heart of beautiful Round Valley, along Highway 162 in Covelo, CA. Purchased by the Round Valley Indian Tribes, the Golden Oaks Motel was extensively renovated and remodeled to provide you a quiet, comfortable resting place while visiting this picturesque valley we call home. With 17 rooms modeled in three different styles, we can surely accommodate all your needs. For more information and to make reservations to stay, please visit the Golden Oaks Motel Website

Hidden Oaks Casino

The Hidden Oaks Casino was developed by the Round Valley Tribal Council in 2007. Located in the remote North East corner of Mendocino County on the beautiful Round Valley Indian Reservation, the Hidden Oaks Casino brings much needed employment to the citizens of the Round Valley Indian Tribes and neighboring town of Covelo.

Currently, the Hidden Oaks Casino is a Class-II gaming facility with many exciting games similar to Class-III. Since it’s inception, the Hidden Oaks Casino has contributed to youth programs, social services, education needs and more for the Round Valley community.

For more information about Hidden Oaks Casino, please visit the Website

Hidden Oaks Convenience Store and Fuel Station

The Hidden Oaks Convenience Store has now been open for 2 years, and the gas pumps have been up and running for almost a year. It provides beverages and Gas to the community, as well as food such as low cost Pizza eggs and other snack foods.

C-Store phone number: 1-707-983-6106

Hidden Oaks RV Park

The Hidden Oaks RV Park has been in continued development for many years, but a lot of work has been done in the most recent year. The Tribe is working to get adequate power around the entire park, we have RV hookup locations coming, tent camping, 4 cabins, 2 duplexes, 2 Baseball Diamonds, a Concert Stage, we increased the size of our arbor, and we are working on fixing our rodeo grounds, bathrooms and increasing the natural beauty of the area. Keep coming back for more information as we continue to develop our RV Park.