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The program is located at 77826 Covelo Road, Covelo, California on the Round Valley Indian Reservation.


Monday through Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm; excluding Holidays and Tribal Administrative Leave.



Main Program Phone: (707) 983-9333
Fax: (707) 983-6128

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Meet our Round Valley Indian Tribes Professionals.

Ms. Yolanda Hoaglen


Renae Britton

Domestic Violence Advocate

Program History & Details

The Native American Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Program (formally the American Indian Women Domestic Violence Assistance Program) has been in existence for fifteen (15) years. We have continually offered services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our staff is available at all times because Domestic Violence is sporadic and cannot be timed.

The Round Valley Indian Tribes have agreed to operate this program on the Round Valley Indian Reservation and to provide services to the general membership living both on & off the Reservation.

Domestic Violence Advocates are often the best people to talk with in order to understand your options. They are there to help you identify choices and to help you look at the risks and benefits of these choices. Advocates will not pressure you to do something that you are not ready or able to do; Advocates are there to listen, inform and support you. Their services are free and confidential. ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU.

In our efforts to provide quality advocacy, our program:

  • Processes temporary restraining orders
  • Provides transportation to court
  • Court accompaniment
  • Emergency food and clothing
  • Temporary shelter

and regular Domestic Violence awareness workshops.

We are emergency on-call workers. We will only go to a domestic violence situation once it has been cleared by law enforcement and our services are requested. Sometimes, we meet victims in police stations or at their home. We provide emergency services such as clothing, food, shelter, etc., and, however else we can assist in implementing our client’s safety plan. This is their own plan. We do not want to put a victim/survivor in harm’s way by forcing our services on anyone. Our office is in collaboration with other Domestic Violence Programs from other areas as well as our new DV Justice Program.

Please contact our staff if someone you care about:

  • Demands control of your shared resources or refuse to pay a fair share.
  • Humiliates you sexually or causes you pain without your consent.
  • Steals your money or property.
  • Frightens you by smashing objects or destroying things.
  • Prevents you from seeing family or friends.
  • Uses a weapon or throws objects at you.
  • Pushes, slaps, kicks, bites or restrains you against your will.
  • Puts you down.
  • Prevents you from getting or keeping a job.
  • Damages or sells things that you value.
  • Threatens to expose your sexual orientation or gender identity to others.
  • Forces you to have sex or refuses to practice a safe sex.
  • Uses lies to manipulate or punish you when angry.
  • Is obsessively jealous or doesn’t want anyone else in your life.
  • Threatens to harm you, family, friends or pets.
  • Threatens to harm you if you leave.