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Fisheries Technician: Sonar Monitor and Data Recorder for Middle Fork Eel River Adult Salmonid Enumeration

DEPARTMENT: Round Valley Indian Tribes, Fisheries Department
PAY RATE: $22.30/hour, Part Time
SHIFT: Monday to Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00P.M.
Duration: Tentative- October 15, 2023- April 30, 2024
REPORT TO: Fisheries Department Manager

Position Summary:

A Fisheries Technician-1/video data reader is needed to analyze fish passage data, for the ARIS sonar monitoring project to enumerate adult passage of Chinook salmon and steelhead on the Middle Fork of the Eel River. This position is part time and will require the ability to work 5 days a week for 4- 5 hours/ day. This is a multi-faceted position and time will be divided. Ability to work for 2 hours/ day in Dos Rios, performing sonar maintenance AND an additional 2-3 hours/ day in an office environment, reading and analyzing video of fish passage. This position will be trained on sonar capabilities and function and fish identification to species level, data entry, and quality control of data. The incumbent will analyze video data from an ARIS sonar unit. This position will also have an opportunity to go out and help on other projects. The anticipated start date for this position will be 10.15.2023 and will continue through April. Work will be completed at the Tribal headquarters in Covelo, CA. AND at the work site in Dos Rios, CA. Tribal members are encouraged to apply and again, the incumbent will be trained on all functions.

Essential Functions

  • Physically move sonar camera into different depths along the bank, IN the River
  • Responsible for sensitive and biologically significant data
  • Ensure recording capabilities and data capture
  • Make standardized observations such as species identification, length, weight, behavior, and growth
  • Collect and organize fish passage video data, temperature data, precipitation data, and river discharge data
  • Summarize and input biological or habitat data on field forms, electronic data loggers, and/or desktop computers. May assist with QA/QC process, preliminary data summaries and analyses, technical report writing, or database management.

Knowledge Required by the Position

At the lower end of the range, employees use knowledge of basic arithmetic, reading, writing, and data collection to perform routine or repetitive tasks.

At the upper end of the position range, employees use knowledge of the basic principles and protocols of fish biology to make readings, measurements, and observations; execute tests; collect samples, etc. If complex equipment systems are operated, the employee has the knowledge to perform calibrations or adjustments to achieve desired results.

Additional Mandatory Skills:

  • use of basic hand tools
  • strong swimming capabilities
  • ability to lift 50 lbs
  • fish species ID skills
  • operate handheld data recorder
  • compile and collect neat and accurate data
  • specific software skills (spreadsheet, word processing, database, statistical)
  • oral communication skills
  • written communication skills
  • construction, fabrication and installation skills
  • repair & maintain equipment

Physical Demands:

Demands are moderate. Traveling from Covelo to the worksite in Dos Rios, CA, with light hiking around river bar will be required daily. Data will be reviewed in office setting.

Work Environment:

Majority of the work is performed in an office setting with adequate lighting, heating and ventilation. A significant portion of work is performed in the field where employee will be in the river, at moderate flows, in rough weather. Walking, and carrying sensitive equipment over rocks and into water. Field work involves exposure to all types of weather, slippery rocks, trails, irregular terrain, insects, poison oak, rough or fast-moving water, or cold-water temperatures. Work at high elevations or aboard boats may be required.

Indian Preference:

Preference in filling vacancies is given to qualified Indian candidates in accordance with the Indian PreferenceAct (title 25, US Code, Section 472 and 473). In other than the above, the Round Valley Indian Tribes is an equal opportunity employer.


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