Develop and provide for the protection of public health and safety - including, but not limited to, clean Air and water. Promote stewardship and public awareness that enhance pride of ownership and a spiritual well being in the community. Advocate the use of energy-efficient, renewable resources and a litter-free environment


The program is located at 77826 Covelo Road, Covelo, California on the Round Valley Indian Reservation.


Office Hours are Monday through Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm; excluding Holidays and Tribal Administrative Leave.

Program Staff & Contact Information

Phone: (707) 983-8204
Fax: (707) 983-6128

Michelle Downey

Program Director

Lauren Whipple


Cris Britton

106/319 Tech

106 and 319 Programs

106 Program

Section 106 of the Clean Water Act authorizes EPA to provide federal assistance to states (including territories, the District of Columbia, and Indian Tribes) and interstate agencies to establish and implement ongoing water pollution control programs.

Prevention and control measures supported by pollution control programs include permitting, development of water quality standards and total maximum daily loads, surveillance, ambient water quality monitoring, and enforcement; advice and assistance to local agencies; and the provision of training and public information.

For more information as to what 106 is please visit the following epa webpage: EPA 106 Description/Information

319 Program

The 1987 amendments to the Clean Water Act (CWA) established the Section 319 Nonpoint Source Management Program. Section 319 addresses the need for greater federal leadership to help focus state and local nonpoint source efforts. Under Section 319, states, territories and tribes receive grant money that supports a wide variety of activities including technical assistance, financial assistance, education, training, technology transfer, demonstration projects and monitoring to assess the success of specific nonpoint source implementation projects.

For more information as to what 319 is please visit the following EPA webpage: EPA 319 Description/Information

Quarterly Newsletters/Reports

Please note that the EPA department no longer maintains its own newsletter, we now sumbit our information to the PO-E-'KAN, which is released quarterly. The Quarterly Newsletters/Reports listed below are for historical/archival purposes now.

The following is a list of Quarterly Reports from the EPA and 106/319 Programs. Please keep in mind depending on your connection speed and type, these documents can take a bit to load, they are also in printable form. To read the documents you must have a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader
Winter 2018PDF2.8 MB
Summer 2018PDF1.5 MB
Spring 2018PDF777 KB
Winter 2017PDF2.7 MB
Summer 2017PDF1.6 MB
Spring 2017PDF2.5 MB
Winter 2016PDF1.10 MB
Spring 2015PDF1.80 MB
Winter 2015PDF3.70 MB
Winter 2014PDF2.58 MB
Fall 2014PDF1.28 MB
Summer 2014PDF1.22 MB
Spring 2014PDF2.36 MB

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