5.20.2020 Tribal Economic Relief

Please send any questions to Patty Henry; administrator@rvit.org

Notice to all Round Valley Indian Tribes Tribal Members:

We have received our apportionment from the U.S. Treasury in the amount of $26,000,000. The Council was hoping to get this announcement out to our Tribal membership last Saturday in the community meeting but had to cancel the meeting due to a funeral service for a Tribal Member.

We are working diligently to confirm the guidelines for the allowable costs of this funding as the Treasury will be auditing our documentation extensively.

We are collecting information on all Tribal Members who are currently enrolled prior to 5-20-2020.

Please do not call or come into the Tribal Administration Building as we are still “Sheltering in Place”!!!

All information needs to be either e-mailed to:


Sent via US postal service:

Tribal Economic Relief
77826 Covelo Rd.
Covelo, Calif. 95428

or placed in the mailbox at the Tribal Building.

The following information is necessary for processing:

Last Name              First Name              Middle Name or Initial
Tribal ID#                             Date of Birth
Current Mailing Address
Phone number or a number where you can be reached

Please list children the same as above.

We are trying to get these checks out as soon as possible but please realize this will take some time to process over 5000 checks.

Thank you for your patience – Round Valley Tribal Council